A Mature Minecraft Server


1. Our number one rule is to NEVER grief another player.

2. No client modifications are allowed that give an unfair advantage. (Example: XRay, Fly Hack)

3. Immature behavior will get you banned with no second chances.

4. You are not to verbally attack another player.

5. 1 x 1 Towers, and holes, are prohibited.

6. When you make a structure, put a sign (or player standard) on it! Let everyone know who built it!

7. If you want to enter another player's building/home, ask first.

8. You should never lie to, or otherwise disrespect staff.

9. When cutting down a tree, make sure you get all the wood. "Floating Trees" make the landscape look bad.

10. If you are having an issue with another player, talk to a member of the staff.