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I did build a cobble up to mine trees i did not greif i mined trees. and Fushigi told me i could mine the jungle because it was not claimed.

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This is quite possibly the worst appeal I've read. You couldn't even take the time to make a proper appeal post.

You made several, and I do mean several cobblestone 1x1s. I found them all around the area you were in. You also went into property claimed by other people (the Red Forest across from you) and then you took saplings, and cut down large jungle trees in a claimed area. 

Then you blamed your actions on another memeber of Kite citing that "he said it was okay". He might of said it was okay, but you should have checked for yourself. 

I'm sorry, but if you can't put anymore effort into appealing your ban than this, you must not care. 

Appeal denied.

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